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KOMIOH 82/50/77cm KM-ESD14833


This is solid full size sex love doll and made of super medical grade TPE. The touch feeling is same as real skin it includes 3 holes – Vagina, Anal and Mouth, you can do vagina sex, anal sex and oral sex – which will brings you with more joy. Easy to use and keep. Waterproof and can be cleaned by water

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All Premier Sex Dolls are made specifically for you. Just like real people, no doll is 100% the same as the next. Her life’s journey begins when you place your order.

We only use the finest TPE material and we are only working with our trusted supplier, Komioh who have been operating from their factory in China for over 10 years. They have an unparalleled reputation for product and design excellence, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service.

Unlike some companies, none of our dolls are stacked in boxes waiting for orders to come. You will be purchasing a freshly created bespoke product, tailored for just you. We do not do next day delivery. But is it worth the wait? We are sure that you will agree with us when we say that it certainly is.
After receiving payment, your new companion will be created by dedicated craftsmen and women. This will take up to 5 days. After your doll is ready, we shall email you photos and a video of your new lady, to ensure everything is as you would expect.

Once we receive your confirmation to proceed, she will be begin her discreet and exciting journey to you.

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